About my Paintings

How My Art Forms

Creating my  art comes from images that have settled themselves in my heart or mind.  It comes from the colors and textures around me, and the emotional flux of both happiness and sadness, probably in equal parts. Creating is not something I actively "think" about,  it's an emotional space of feeling.

Although I create representational art, "a picture of a picture", I prefer to explore energy, motion, interpretation and imagination.   The ocean, storms, space, corals reefs, water, sea creatures, fairy tales, Japanese woodblock prints, Russian icons wreathed in smoke are all influences. Sometimes my influence is nothing more than the colors of the paint and the textures I  create with my brushes.

Beauty is always an inspiration.

Nature beckons.

Energy expresses feelings.

Gold is my favorite color.


Acrylic Abstracts 16x20, 18x24


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Prices start at $279.00 and go to $479.00, depending on size.  Each piece of my work has painted, finished edges and can be hung without framing if desired.  It is custom packed and shipped via UPS, USPS or FedEx. Cost is dependent on destination. Insurance is recommended.