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I won't bore you with stories of pre-school or art school.

Yes, I studied art.  I learned to draw and paint from many wonderful teachers and mentors.  It was fun, but how I see the world defines the artist I am now.  I constantly art direct everything.  My innate attention to detail, fascination with image and color and appreciation of precision drive my work.  I am constantly aware of the environment - the small vignettes of people, objects, colors and shifts of light. I love things that pop into your vision and refuse to leave. This is how I approach my collages. Creating scenes, portals, altered realities that invite you in to explore, that have tongue in cheek humor and poke you into really looking.


The Simplicity of My Medium

Here's something that might blow your mind. 

My work is COMPLETELY ANALOG, nothing digital, ALL HAND CUT PAPER.  

I have used virtually ever medium and now I express myself with paper.I love being challenged by the unexpectedness of found images.  Much of my work uses the textural variety and design of wallpapers as background.  All my work on etching paper has an abstract acrylic painting at its foundation.  I have a thing for torn edges.  The simplicity of scissors, paper and glue, and now paint and glaze - is the essence of my collage.  


Inspiration Comes from Everywhere

As I look at everything around me, I focus on small details and flow with the larger scope.  Transformation is part of the natural order of things. Everything transitions from it's current state to an altered state. I am inspired by reptiles, starry nights, lush interiors, beautiful fruit, artifacts and crystal, Persian carpets, chandeliers.  All it takes is one picture found in a magazine or book  to be a catalyst, to be the foundation for the work. And then the pieces come together, as though magnetized, to form a new whole, out of disparate parts.


Large Collages 22" x 28"


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Large works range from $250-$300.  Each piece is custom packed and shipped, cost varies depending on destination.  All pieces are shipped flat and unframed. They cannot be rolled. Please contact me prior to buying so shipping cost can be accurately calculated. We can also discuss framing if desired.

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